SUSTC holds 1st graduate recruitment presentations
Ning Jiabei | 12/20/2015

At 9:30 AM December 20, South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) held the first graduate recruitment presentations at No. 111 lecture hall of the library. Enterprises, including BGI, Skyworth Group (Skyworth), Shenzhen Metro Group (Shenzhen Metro), Shenzhen City Investment & Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (SCID) and Maker Works Inc. (Makeblock), made presentations and conducted recruitment. Though it was chilly on the morning of Sunday, students remained enthusiastic about the presentations and the lecture hall was fully packed. Over 100 students admitted in 2012 and 2013 attended the presentations organized by the Office of Students Affairs and co-organized by the Youth Business Association of Shenzhen.

Wu Jianhua, a senior recruitment expert, presided over the presentations composed of graduate recommendation, enterprise presentations and job Q & A. On behalf of SUSTC, Yang Zaiyong, head of the Career Service Center, Office of Student Affairs, extended welcome and thanks to the enterprises present. He emphatically introduced SUSTC’s model of comprehensive quality cultivation based on the credit system, the tutor system and the college system as well as graduates’ majors, and recommended graduates’ capabilities of “knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship” to the enterprises.


In the session of enterprise presentations, HR executives from enterprises such as Skyworth, SCID, Shenzhen Metro, BGI and Makeblock introduced respective companies’ general information, advantageous projects, personnel demands, salaries and benefits. Skyworth’s characteristic mode of camp-based talent training, SCID’s admirable Shennan Boulevard project, Shenzhen Metro’s perfect benefit system, BGI’s social responsibility for applying life sciences, Makeblock’s philosophy of “playing” with excellent little partners in work…all made deep impression on the students present.

Following the presentations, a job fair was held at the library’s multifunctional hall to provide an opportunity for the students to communicate with the enterprises’ HR staff. Among these students were students (admitted in 2012) about to graduate and students (admitted 2013) who have turned juniors. Some freshmen and sophomores also applied to the HR staff for opportunities of summer internship.

Sources said there would be more career service and campus recruitment events in SUSTC.

2015, 12-20
By Ning Jiabei

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