SUSTech Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Inspur To Create High Performance Computing Cloud Platform Together
| 10/25/2016

vOn the afternoon of October 24, 2016, SUSTech and Inspur held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement in our campus, joined by Wang Endong, an academician of the China Engineering Academy and Chief Scientist of Inpsur, Chen Shiyi, President of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), and Tang Tao, Vice-President of SUSTech, and hosted by Lu Chun, Chief Operating Officer of SUSTech. Following that, the High Performance Computing Center of SUSTech was inaugurated.

On behalf of SUSTech, Mr. Chen Shiyi expressed warm welcome to Academician Wang Endong from Inpsur and his party. He said that computing platform is an important public research platform of SUSTech, and its improvement would allow the scientific research personnel of our school to make high level researches. It was his hope that both parties could further discuss the co-construction of joint laboratory, complement each other’s advantages, and strengthen talent development in high performance computing, cloud computing, big data and other aspects.

Lu Chun introduces the basic information of SUSTech on campus specification, teaching staff, discipline construction, talent development and enrollment to the visitors.

In the view of Wang Endong, the trend of integrating high performance computing with cloud computing and big data has been increasingly obvious today, and smart computing is in a position to be the major development tendency in the future. How to play a driving role of computing in scientific research and industrial innovation to address new changes and challenges and seize emerging industrial opportunities entails fully synergetic development in production, learning, research and application. He said that as China’s leading information technology innovator, Inspur hoped to conduct in-depth cooperation with SUSTech in deep learning, big data, cloud computing and other sectors, effectively promoting the construction work of SUSTech as an innovative university.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, SUSTech and Inspur will conduct deep coordination in high performance computing, big data service, cloud computing and many other domains. In addition, Inspur will establish scholarship for talents at SUSTech, aiming to reward its students who make achievements in the fields such as high performance computing, cloud computing and big data.

After the signing ceremony, Chen Shiyi together with Wang Endong inaugurated the High Performance Computing Center of SUSTech. It is learned that the system performance of the center designed and built by Inspur will exceed 300 trillion per second, coming top among the colleges and universities across the country. The center comes with a complete set of systems including blade computing nodes, 8-channel fat nodes, and GPU nodes, and adopts 100Gbps high speed network that is the fastest currently, so as to fulfill the computing needs of various research fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, materialogy and financial mathematics. It also lays a good foundation for our school in research and innovation in terms of big data.

During their visit to our school, the guests from Inspur visited the sand table planned and built by ourselves and the High Performance Computing Center that has just been put into service.