Panel Discussion on “Education and Human Development” held at SUSTech
| 12/09/2016

On the evening of December 6, 2016, Center for Higher Education Research hosted a panel discussion on “Education and Human Development” at the International Meeting Hall. Prof. Da-Hsuan Feng, the Director of Global Affairs and Special Advisor to Rector at University of Macau, and Prof. Yuehong Chen, the Director of Humanities Center at SUSTech, were invited to speak at the panel discussion. Dr. Wei Han, the Vice Associate President and Dean of Residential College at SUSTech, chaired the session.  

Prof. Da-Hsuan Feng Spoke at the Session

Centering the topic of “Asian Students in the 21st Century, he analyzed the challenges students faced nowadays and the attitudes they need to possess. He pointed out that the 21st Century not only brought about mindset transformation between the East and the West, but also geo-political transformation. To respond, SUSTech should take up the responsibility to prepare students. In particular, he shared three strategies for the University to address these challenges. Firstly, the University should provide a global platform where students are connected with people of different backgrounds. Only by living together and learning from each other’s cultures on a daily basis, especially each other’s behavior because of the inherent cultural differences, can students become global citizens and build the capacity to compete globally. Secondly, it is important to cultivate intellectual courage among students, which allows them to develop the skill sets to think the unthinkable. Lastly, the University must assist students to equip with inherent self-confidence to conquer the challenges of the globe in the 21st century. All these cannot simply be achieved in the setting of classroom, but through interactions outside of classrooms. 

Prof. Yuehong Chen Spoke at the Panel Discussion

Prof. Yuehong Chen emphasized the importance of humanities in one’s professional development. He pointed out that humanities would eventually become the driving force for the development of our society in the future.

At the Panel Discussion

The floor was then opened to students and faculty members at the session. There was a lot of meaningful discussion and exchanges of ideas during the course of two hours. 

About the Speakers

Prof. Feng Da-Hsuan is a fellow of the American Physical Society and an expert in nuclear and nuclear astrophysics, quantum optics, and mathematical physics, with wide range of experiences and outstanding achievements as a scholar, researcher and leader of university comprehensive development. Currently as the Director of Global Affairs and Special Advisor to Rector at University of Macau, he established and formed close partnership with various universities in Europe, America, Canada, East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Prof. Chen Yuehong is the Director of Humanities Center at SUSTech. He is the Vice President of the China Comparative Literature Association and the China Comparative Literature Teaching Research Association. Prior to his appointment at SUSTech, he served as the former Dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University, along with other positions at different academic institutes.