SUSTech holds aerospace intelligent manufacturing symposium
| 12/14/2016

On December 4, 2016, the “Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Symposium & Strategic Symposium on Mechanical Engineering Development”, organized by the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), was held at Bauhinia Villa, Shenzhen.

Academician Li Peigen from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Academician Lu Bingheng from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Academician Luo Jianbin from Tsinghua University, Huang Zhen, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, as well as experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM) and Beijing Aeronautical Science & Technology Research Institute (BASTRI) attended the symposium. Chen Shiyi, President of SUSTech, attended and addressed the symposium. Rong Yiming, Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, SUSTech, presided over the symposium.

Symposium scene

Chen Shiyi delivers an address

Chen welcomed the experts and scholars on behalf of SUSTech. He said, SUSTech was established against the backdrop of the reform and development of China’s higher education, and our mission is to serve the construction of an innovation-oriented country and the construction of Shenzhen into an innovative city. The symposium is of far-reaching significance. Hopefully the experts and scholars present will offer advice on the development of Shenzhen’s aerospace intelligent manufacturing, support the development of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, SUSTech and make suggestions on the future planning of the department. 

Huang Zhen delivers a speech

Huang delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said, as the first city-based national independent innovation and entrepreneurship zone, Shenzhen aims to build an internationally influential technology industry innovation center, sets the direction of intelligent manufacturing development, and strives to become a domestic pacesetter in intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and high-end manufacturing, as well as a strong international manufacturing city in 2025. As a core innovative technology sector, aerospace intelligent manufacturing is conducive to enhancing the international competitiveness of Shenzhen, and plays a leading role in national industrial development. He expected the experts present to offer guiding advice on Shenzhen’s industrial development.

Li Peigen gives a lecture

Lu Bingheng gives a lecture

Luo Jianbin gives a lecture

At the symposium, Li shared his research progress and achievements in the frontier fields of intelligent manufacturing; Lu elaborated on aerospace manufacturing; Luo introduced the research content and achievements of macro-nano intelligent manufacturing. On behalf of CASC, Wang Xiaohong, Director of BIAM and Zhou Shijie of Airport Aerospace Machinery Company expounded the technical needs and challenges of aerospace intelligent manufacturing. Associate Prof. Luo Lin of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SUSTech, introduced the innovative development of SUSTech.

On the afternoon of December 4, Prof. Shan Xiaowen, Chair of the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, SUSTech, presided over the lecture meeting. Prof. Liu Hong and Prof. Gao Feng gave lectures on space robotics. Zhang Jiazhen, Deputy Chief Designer of BASTRI and Prof. Zhang Dinghua, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University elaborated on aerospace intelligent manufacturing; Prof. Wang Xibin and Prof. Zhu Qiang introduced intelligent manufacturing precision machining. The experts present discussed frontier core technologies of aerospace intelligent manufacturing.

On the morning of December 5, Zhu presided over the plenary lecture and panel discussion. Shan, Yang and Rong gave lectures on aerospace, sensor technology, discussing Shenzhen’s potential and challenges in aerospace intelligent manufacturing.

Experts such as Li, Liu, Zhang, Wang and Gao attended the Inaugural Conference and New Annual Conference of the Strategic Steering Committee of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of SUSTech. Rong systematically introduced the professional architecture and key plan of the department since its establishment. Then the conference discussed the innovative teaching plan and key research direction, offered professional advice, and mapped out a long-term development strategy for building the department into a high-level innovative talent training base and core R&D base.

Deng Su/Xiao Ni

Wu Bingzhen/Deng Su (photo)