SUSTech holds “Intellectual Property Protection and Scientific and Technological Achievements Week”
| 04/24/2017

April 26th is the “World Intellectual Property Day”, and aims to raise awareness about laws and regulations protecting intellectual property. SUSTech is holding its own event to reinforce these concepts in the minds of students and staff, which is particularly important in the domains of science and technology research. From April 20th to the 26th the “Intellectual Property Protection and Scientific and Technological Achievements Week” will be held, and will include activities organized by SUSTech’s Technology Transfer Center and asset management companies revolving around innovation and entrepreneurship, education and cooperation.

The awareness week is divided into two parts: a popular science exhibition and popular science lectures. The exhibition will focus on the various policies and regulations of intellectual property rights, and will also include some of the achievements of SUSTech in this field on display in the library from April 20th. The exhibition is divided into three sections: the first section will illustrate SUSTech’s research institutions and introduce the basic concepts of IP; the second section will showcase the various patents that SUSTech has obtained from its research centers, and the third section will show how SUSTech has successfully achieved industrial applications of the patents. The exhibition has been designed intuitively, so that teachers and students understand better how intellectual property mechanisms function, and how they can assist them in in their scientific and technological achievements.

Exhibition site

For the popular science lectures, SUSTech invited the Director of Shenzhen’s Intellectual Property Agency to give a talk on the 20th of April entitled “Innovation and Intellectual Property” as part of the Popular scientific lectures. On April 25th a second lecture was held by Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Research Council specialist Sun Xin entitled “Intellectual Property Management for Scientific Research Projects”.

“Innovation in Intellectual Property” lecture

The leading body of SUSTech’s production and research work is the Production and Research Committee, whose members include SUSTech president, vice president, chief accountant, research department, technology transfer center, as well as various members of schools such as science and engineering. The Committee’s main responsibilities include:

  • co-ordinating production and research cooperation

  • responsible for the production and research cooperation policy-making to ensure that its work is legally qualified, efficient and orderly

  • responsible for school technology transfer, equity investment and other major investments

  • responsible for the body’s personnel arrangements and recommendations

  • responsible for major issues related to production and research decision-making

SUSTech’s intellectual property protection and scientific and technological achievements play a considerable role in the implementation of a “unified school leadership through a centralized management of the Technology Transfer Center by coordinating the various departments,” which is one of the key management mechanisms of the university. The Technology Transfer Center is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the university’s intellectual property management and production and research cooperation.

Contribution: Technology Transfer Center

Edited by: Jeremy Welburn