SUSTech Organizes Computer Intelligence Communication Platform with Local Companies to Boost Production and Research Cooperation
| 06/08/2017

SUSTech’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Technology Transfer Center recently hosted the SUSTech Computer Intelligence and Network Technology Exchange and the Technology, Production and Research Base with the support of the university. The opening ceremony took place in the campus’ Museum lecture hall.

The meeting brought up discussions on the developing trends and innovation opportunities of the IT industry, artificial intelligence, the Internet technology industry structure, and how to combine these with the advantages of university courses, to lead the industry’s scientific and technological achievements, and to build a cross-domain platform for sharing knowledge and information.

The conference invited professors, academics, enterprises and investment institutions in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, optimization algorithms, big data, and the Internet of Things. Participants focused on the development of computer intelligence and Internet technology, the achievements of scientific and technological innovation and its transformation technology. The municipal Ministry of Science and Technology Director Zhao Yusheng, director of the Department of Computer Science Yao Xin, Graduate School Vice President Yang Shuanghua and other relevant SUSTech leaders attended the exchange and opening ceremony.

Meeting venue


The unveiling ceremony of the Joint Laboratory of Synergy and Communications

Zhao Yousheng speech

Zhao Yisheng took to the stage to deliver a speech at the meeting, in which he said that SUSTech students had to cultivate excellence, and incorporate the “knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship,” spirit of SUSTech to respond to the needs of hi-tech companies. He also encouraged the production and research cooperation, and the close partnership with companies in the industry, partnerships which he said he hoped will deepen and broaden.

Yao Xin speech

Yao Xin introduced the Department of Computer Science and its research areas. He said that it is committed to cultivating high-end innovative entrepreneurial talent, and said he hopes companies can establish a close relationship between production and research.

Many industry representatives participated including from Alibaba, ZTE, Mindray, Broadlink as well as many others, and each one gave a keynote speech. The professors of the Department of Computer Science also took to the stage to present each one of their research road maps and answer questions from the audience.

The meeting was also the scene of a number of other signings including theSUSTech Computer and Internet Technology Production and Research Base”, “SUSTech Collaborative Communication World Integration Joint Laboratory ” and the “SUSTech DNA Kit founder contest”.


2017, 06-08

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