BYD 2018 campus job fair held at SUSTech
Student Press Ma Mu Lei | 09/26/2017
 On September 25 2017, electric car heavyweight BYD organized a recruitment session for 2018 which took place at the library 110 lecture hall.

BYD’s director of human resources Ding Li, product planning office personnel director Huang Yuting, and a few other key figures from the Shenzhen-based company attended the meeting to give talks to the students. The event was divided into five parts: “glory and dreams”, “products and services”, “work and growth”, “culture and welfare” and “recruitment”.

Ding Li introduced BYD’s company profile, and explained the company’s global layout. Then he went on to discuss in depth aspects such as “IT”, “cars”, “new energy” and “cloud computing”, four key aspects of their offer. She said that BYD is an exciting and promising company to join for undergraduate students and can provide relevant experience in their skills. She also gave a presentation on the company associations, cultural activities, staff accommodation, life education and various other aspects of working for BYD.                                         

2017, 09-26
By Student Press Ma Mu Lei

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