Chairman of Shenzhen Expressway Hu Wei visits SUSTech to discuss partnership
Jeremy Welburn | 11/24/2017
On the morning of November 23, 2017, Hu Wei and his entourage from Shenzhen Expressway Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Shenzhen Expressway”) arrived at SUSTech to discuss possible future cooperation. They were welcomed by Guo Yurong, Chairperson of the University Council of SUSTech, Wang Susheng, member of the presidential committee, and other senior leaders.

During the meeting, Wang Susheng gave a presentation on the overall development of our university in recent years.

Hu Wei said that as a Shenzhen native, he was proud of SUSTech’s rapid development, and looks forward to building a strategic partnerships with the university as soon as possible. He went on to sayu that Shenzhen Expressway is a listed company in Hong Kong and Shanghai controlled by the municipal government and has been established for 21 years. In recent years, in line with the pattern of the development of the times and the new requirements for regional development, the Company has gradually transformed itself from operating expressway tolls to an environmental protection agency, and is in urgent need of high-end talents specialized in environmental disciplines and scientific research.

Guo Yurong welcomed Hu Wei and his entourage to the campus. She said that as a university in Shenzhen, where the power of the whole city is to be built, SUSTech has firmly established its belief in serving the community and nurturing Shenzhen since its establishment. She said that SUSTech has been actively seeking cooperation with Shenzhen enterprises to jointly contribute to the community. She added that environmental science and engineering are important disciplines at the university, and the environmental protection industry is a critical industry for future economic development.

The heads of SUSTech’s iCollege, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Technology Transfer Center and Major Project offices also attended the meeting.

2017, 11-24
By Jeremy Welburn

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