SUSTech Realizes High-end Ultramarine Pigment R&D Achievement Transformation with Cooperative Enterprises
| 12/20/2017
 In the past eight months, 39-year-old returnee doctor Dazhi Sun has assisted Longkou ultramarine pigment enterprise in successfully researching and developing ultramarine violet pigment, acid-proof ultramarine pigment and other high-end products successively, with its supply falling short of demand after production, which is so-called “Longkou Speed”. On December 15, 2017, the medium reported the successful cooperation between the SUSTech professor’s team and Shandong Longkou enterprise.

Currently, Associate Professor Dazhi Sun, Professor Yanqing Tian and Professor Xin Cheng from Materials Science and Engineering have cooperated with Lapis Lazuli Pigments (Shandong) Co., Ltd. to work on industrialization of high-end ultramarine inorganic pigments.

As a kind of widely-used blue inorganic pigment, Ultramarine Blue has been widely applied in detergents, cosmetics, children’s toys, plastics, rubber and coating in our daily life. Domestic ultramarine pigments are mainly produced for middle and low-end products, but high-end ones have almost been monopolized by foreign giant companies, especially for Ultramarine Violet and acid-proof ultramarine pigment with high added values, which have not been industrialized in China yet.

At the beginning of 2017, the professor’s team from SUSTech’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering signed a Cooperative Development Contract for Ultramarine Violet and Acid-proof Ultramarine Pigment Products with Lapis Lazuli Pigments (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and successfully realized pilot production of laboratory R&D for Ultramarine Violet in June of the same year. At present, two standard models of Ultramarine Violets feature mature technology and annual output of one hundred tons. Meanwhile, Acid-proof Ultramarine Pigment Products’ research has already been completed and development will be put into pilot production at the end of the year. The production of high-end ultramarine pigments has not only broken the price monopoly of such products by international giant companies, but also enhanced market competitiveness of domestic independent brands in the market both in China and abroad. SUSTech encourages professors to actively engage in innovation and entrepreneurship, and this cooperation between a research team and an enterprise has shown the efficiency of SUSTech to push China’s industrial progress by making use of scientific and technological innovation.

This cooperative project has been vigorously promoted by the Shenzhen New Material Association, Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Longkou City, Longkou Organization Department, Longkou Economic Development Zone, SUSTech Department of Materials Science and Engineering, SUSTech’s  Technology Transfer Center and other related organizations and departments. Master candidates Feng Jiang, Jiaze Li and Tao Li as well as research scholar Dandan Li were involved in the research and development of the project’s products.

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