SUSTech Holds First Technology Sports Festival and Shining Run
Liu Hui, Student News Agency Yuan Xinyi | 10/17/2018

Southern University of Science and Technology held the first Science and Technology Sports Festival, including an extra-curricular physical training program.The activity was designed to encourage students to take part in the 100-kilometer long-distance event and to become healthier and inspire a sports culture on campus. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong attended the ceremony.

Before the ceremony started, the SUSTech taekwondo team provided a delightful performance to warm up the crowd.

President Chen Shiyi and Vice President Tang Tao spoke, encouraging students to be healthy members of society and find their own way to release stress through physical exercise. President Chen talked about how he found he had a better mind through keeping fit.

Chairperson Guo Yurong fired the starting pistol for the 100-kilometer run. Under the lights around the stadium, the fluorescent-dressed participants headed out of Green Pine Stadium with their brightly lit headwear bouncing along with their every step. The 3-kilometre path saw the runners leave Green Pine Stadium and pass the Sports Center, the Lynn Library, the Administrative Building, Gates 1 to 3, the Baseball Field and the Guest Apartments before returning up the hill to Green Pine Stadium. The river of luminous yellow that flowed throughout campus added an incredible vitality to the cool campus air as hundreds of staff and students jogged through campus.

The event was hosted by the SUSTech Sports Center. Co-organizers were the Office of Student Affairs, the Youth League Committee, the Residential Colleges, the Graduate School, and the SUSTech Student Union. The entire event was live streamed on cooperative media platforms.

2018, 10-17
By Liu Hui, Student News Agency Yuan Xinyi

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