Advising Workshop Helps Pre-Med Students Make Academic Decisions
Huang Wei@School of Medicine | 10/21/2018

On the evening of October 17, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) School of Medicine held a workshop between undergraduate students and faculty members from the  School of Medicine. SUSTech Vice President Lu Chun attended the event, along with the students undertaking the Biomedical Sciences major.

At the workshop, the students briefly talked about their hobbies, future plans, and current challenges. They also spoke of their goals as the first batch of medical students from the SUSTech’s School of Medicine.

Lu Chun and the professors of School of Medicine listened to each student and made suggestions. Lu Chun said that to achieve their dreams, students must be targeted, diligent, and concentrate. The University and the School of Medicine would provide all-around support. Professor Zhang Jian, Deputy Director of the School of Medicine Preparatory Office, encouraged the students to pay attention to their moral, intellectual and physical development while studying hard.

The School of Medicine professors explained their research directions, linking it to their personal study habits and work experience to assist the students. They hoped that the students will be down-to-earth and lay solid foundations for their future development. As a result of the meeting, the instructors have gained a deeper understanding of the students and provided better counsel, which has assisted them in laying a better foundation for their future teaching.

2018, 10-21
By Huang Wei@School of Medicine

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