Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News Online: Prof. Li Fengliang Explores Innovations in General Education
Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News Online, Reporter Deng Qiong, Edit Bao Gong | 11/02/2018

When interviewing Professor Li Fengliang in Shenzhen, he had just given a lecture to the students of the Guangdong Cultural Industry and New Media Youth Talent Training Class. The theme was “New Era, New Culture, New Industry.” He believes that “whether it is a serious liberal artist or a young person in the media industry, today we must face the fact that the boundaries of disciplines are blurred. Many problems cannot be solved by a single discipline, and they must learn to coordinate with others.”

From Guangzhou’s Jinan University to Shenzhen for ten years, Li Fengliang is no longer a professor of literature who speaks about Milan Kundera, speaks cultural poetics, and studies overseas Chinese poetics. His academic context has become more and more open, turning to cultural and creative industries and urban cultural studies. He is committed to exploring the most cutting-edge cultural modernization propositions. He set up his own research team, walked out of the study, practiced in depth, and resonated with Shenzhen and Guangdong, and asked for it.

In 2016, Prof. Li Fengliang, who served as vice president of Shenzhen University for 8 years, moved to  Southern University of Science and Technology as the University Council Vice Chairperson. As a university administrator, he has a new world and a role. At the same time, he is still the dean of the Institute of Cultural Industry of Shenzhen University, the director of the National Cultural Innovation Research Center of the key think tank of Guangdong Province, and the person in charge of the major social science projects of the national and provincial level. It is often difficult for others to imagine.

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2018, 11-02
By Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News Online, Reporter Deng Qiong, Edit Bao Gong

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