SUSTech Wins at 2018 Guangdong University Student Martial Arts Championship
Chris Edwards | 11/12/2018

The 2018 Guangdong University Student Wushu Routine Championship took place last weekend in Guangzhou. Five students from the Martial Arts team of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) took part in the competition. Li Daifeng won the Group A men’s Changquan (Long Boxing) championship and helped the SUSTech men’s team finish 5th. His teammate, Chen Zaishu, came 6th in the women’s Group A Chinese Fencing and eighth in the women’s Group A Changquan competition.

The tournament was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and co-organized by the Guangdong Student Sports Art Federation. There were nearly 400 athletes from 38 universities. The competition included boxing, weapons, and sparring. The boxing was divided into categories such as Changquan, Nanquan (Southern Style Boxing), and Tai Chi.

The SUSTech team was led by Sports Center Director Dong Lunhong with coaches Wei Weicheng and Li Mengqi. The Wushu team began training in September, using weekends and evenings to practice. Without professional Wushu venues or competition equipment, the players have overcome difficulties while studying and working hard. The students have achieved excellent results in the competition.

Martial Arts originates from China and is the embodiment of Chinese national spirit. The SUSTech Sports Center is actively exploring the new path of traditional Wushu on campus and hopes to attract more students. The Sports Center hopes more students will pay more attention to Martial Arts and promote its spirit.

2018, 11-12
By Chris Edwards

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