SUSTech Student Racing Team Debuts New Generation Car
Chris Edwards | 11/14/2018

November 8th saw the debut of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) Nanshan Racing Team’s new vehicle. Assisted by the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, the new generation of the E38 was unveiled.

Prof. Rong Yiming, Head of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering was one of many VIPs who attended the launch of the E38.

The SUSTech Nanshan Racing Team was established in March 2016 and is a self-organized, self-managed competitive student team. It is made up of undergraduates from the Departments of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Finance. The lead instructor is Professor Rong Yiming. Every year, the team members design, manufacture and test a formula car similar to Formula 1 race cars. So far, two cars have been successfully built. In 2018, the new car has completed its road tests.

The team captain is Tang Kang, a 2015 undergraduate student in the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. He spoke of the team’s history, as well as the design and manufacturing process of the new generation E38. Tang Kang thanked the various departments for their support

In the warm applause of the audience, Prof. Rong Yiming and Director Xue Zheng unveiled the new car.

Rong Yiming said that in Shenzhen, there must be Shenzhen speed. At SUSTech, it is necessary to use SUSTech speed to develop teams, and he hopes that the SUSTech Nanshan Racing Team will achieve even better results this season.

Team member Wen Linju provided a detailed report on the advantages and characteristics of the new car. It has adopted advanced technology, which has greatly improved its performance. Carbon brazing was used to affix many components together. The team also added new aerodynamic components and a braking energy recovery system.

Other attendees at the launch ceremony included SUSTech faculty members, students and representatives from the South China Agricultural University Racing Team, Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College Racing Team, Shenzhen Zhongkeyi New Energy Company, and Shenzhen Keli Technology Co., Ltd.

2018, 11-14
By Chris Edwards

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