4th Annual SUSTech Sports Meeting Innovates with New Sports and New Tech
Chris Edwards | 11/18/2018

With the 4th Annual SUSTech Sports Meeting highlighting the 1st Science and Technology Sports Meeting, Green Pine Stadium was awash with staff, students and faculty members ready to show their athletic ability in a variety of traditional athletic pursuits.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the opening ceremony commenced, and athletes were ready to enter the Stadium. Drones  flew through the air. The innovative F1 racing car, developed by the SUSTech Nanshan Racing team, slowly sailed out onto the course.

The student escorts escorted the national flag, the University banner, and the school badge with full spirit to the rostrum, followed by the bouquet team, the bunting team and the emergency rescue team. The most striking thing was when the college teams entered the stadium. The students in the colleges showed their beautiful images of youth, enthusiasm, vitality and sports in front of the podium. The Graduate School, College of Sciences, College of Engineering, Administrative Staff team, Campus Operation team, Affiliated Hospital teams and other teams also appeared.

President Chen Shiyi delivered an opening speech.  He said SUSTech values physical education and has increased its investment to set up essential physical educational centers that have achieved excellent results. He hoped that all the faculty members, staff and students would carry forward the sporting spirit of courage, hard work, and willingness to cooperate at today’s Sports Meeting.

However, it was outside Runyang Gymnasium on the far side of Green Pine Stadium where SUSTech’s commitment to innovation was truly showing. New sporting pursuits were on show, and many were keen to show their abilities in new activities.

The first activity was virtual cycling. Participants were invited to get on stationary bicycles and ride a virtual course displayed in front of them. The course was timed and, much like the time trial stages of a grand tour, the lowest time will get the most points towards their team.

Next to that was a rowing competition. Over a 2 kilometer course, contestants are encouraged to row as fast as they can up the virtual course. Rowing is a strenuous activity and one that many students are not familiar with. Times for this activity was much higher than for the cycling activity, but it remained a popular competition.

Around the corner from that was the timed skipping competition. This activity used smart skipping ropes that measured every time the rope hit the ground or passed under the skipper. Participants were asked to skip as fast as possible in one minute as possible. Some participants passed 150 skips in that minute, amazing onlookers.

With the traditional sports happening on the field outside, and the new activities happening under cover, there can be no doubt that there will be continued innovation when it comes to future SUSTech Sports Meetings.

2018, 11-18
By Chris Edwards

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