Nobel Laureate Grubbs Talks Chemistry and Life at SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 11/20/2018

Last week, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its 5th “Dialogue with Nobel Laureates” series of events. With Nobel Laureate, Professor of California Institute of Technology and Dean of the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute Robert Grubbs in attendance, the theme of the evening’s event was “Chemistry and Life.” Professor Grubbs was invited to talk to nearly 100 students from the six residential colleges. Department of Chemistry Chair Professor Zheng Zhiping and Executive Dean of the Shenzhen Grubbs Institute chaired the event.

Grubbs shared his life experience and explained to the students how he walked, step by step, through his journey of organic chemistry research.

The following Q&A session saw students ask many questions including undergraduate students taking research paths, university learning methods and entering academic paths.

Professor Grubbs encouraged students to enter the lab as early as possible to understand and explore their interests. He said that ways of living and learning take a long time to understand. The key moment is to find a point of enthusiasm in order to clarify their own goals. He believes that the earlier someone finds their passion, the more helpful it will be to their own academic careers.

He also emphasized the importance of hard work and persistence as part of the learning and research process. He believes that on the road of pursuing truth, enthusiasm and tenacity are indispensable characteristics.

Once you have determined your academic direction, determination can help solve various problems in our academic and personal lives. We can overcome difficulties and obstacles, and ultimately achieve success in any area.

Chair Professor Zheng Zhiping shared two suggestions for studying chemistry. His first tip is not to be afraid of making mistakes, and the other is to keep trying and practicing while learning. He encouraged students to seek help from senior students and mentors when they were confused, and carefully decide their future choices.

After the meeting, Professor Grubbs took photos with enthusiastic students, signed autographs, and praised the SUSTech students for their passion.

2018, 11-20
By Chris Edwards

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