Run for science! 2nd SUSTech-Green Pine Campus Relay Marathon held
Chris Edwards | 12/02/2018

Green Pine Stadium at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was a buzz of activity for the 2nd SUSTech – Green Pine Campus Relay Marathon. This competition brought SUSTech faculty members and students together with nearly one thousand elite athletes from organizations such as scientific and technological firms, venture capitalists, and sports clubs.

SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang welcomed the organizers and participants at the opening ceremony. He said that this year’s competition reflects SUSTech’s commitment to science, technology, education, health and the humanities. The academic community joined the faculty and student group as well as the professor team, adding more highlights to the competition.

He hoped that there would be more awareness of scientific and technological innovation, and it would promote further excellence in a variety of fields. Li Fengliang encouraged the attendees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and he hoped that this relay would become a well-respected brand in sports and public welfare circles in Shenzhen.

Chief Financial Officer Ye Qin fired the starting gun which saw the 2nd SUSTech – Green Pine Campus Relay Marathon competitors commence. The roads and paths of the SUSTech campus were filled with runners using a 5 km route.

All teams finished the competition after three hours. The podium was filled by “BGI Fast Runners,” “SUSTech’s Strongest Runners,” and “Tai Chi Run.”

Inspired by the Wall Street games, there were a series of other competitions. These competitions included pull ups, sleigh pushing, rope skipping, tire flipping, river crossing and rowing machine relays. These competitions are intended to test multiple parts of the competitor’s bodies.

The competition seeks to create a communication platform for scientific and technological talents through the enjoyed activity of sports. It also seeks to focus on the use of science and technology in creating a running atmosphere on campus, by creating a virtual track on campus. There are three scanning points on campus where runners can scan their IDs to indicate their participation.

The competition was also an opportunity to exhibit a variety of scientific and technological achievements. SUSTech took the chance to show off its “Heron” UAVs, E38 racecar and other student-led technological advancements.

The 2nd SUSTech – Green Pine Campus Relay Marathon was jointly sponsored by SUSTech, Shenzhen Green Pine Capital Management Co., Ltd., BGI Sports Holdings Co., Ltd. and Royole Corporation. The competition was co-organized by the Nanshan District Government, SUSTech Education Foundation and Green Pine Care Foundation.

2018, 12-02
By Chris Edwards

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