Chen Xiaohong lectures about Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Era of the Digital Economy
Chris Edwards | 01/03/2019

The last Friday of December saw Academician Chen Xiaohong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering come to Southern University of Science and Technology. She came to give the 208th lecture in the SUSTech Lecture Series, where she spoke about “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Era of the Digital Economy.”

Chen Xiaohong is a famous expert in management science and engineering management in China. She is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. She is currently the president of the Hunan University of Commerce and honorary Dean of Business School of Central South University.

In her lecture, Chen Xiaohong believed that the rate of implementation of the innovation-driven strategies is unprecedented. Since an innovation-driven strategy has become a national and global strategy, the importance of building an innovative country cannot be ignored. At the same time, we also need to realize that at present, we still need to improve some of our core technologies and strengthen our abilities in scientific and technological innovation.

She said that innovation and entrepreneurship provide new impetus for industrial transformation and upgrading in the new era of a digital economy era. This rich prospect for innovation and entrepreneurship has promoted the integration and commercial application of new technologies. In promoting higher education reform, it would help the state provide a more secure talent pipeline for innovation-driven development.

Chen Xiaohong analyzed the new requirements for higher education that have been brought about by this new round of scientific and technological revolution, as well as its industrial transformation.

Chen Xiaohong also went into detail about the role of innovation in driving the economy. She analyzed the numerous ground-breaking ways that entrepreneurship has influenced a vast array of areas, including intelligent transportation, environmental protection, and energy innovation. Chen Xiaohong spoke about the importance of big data as an engine for innovation and entrepreneurship that provides a new driving force for economic development. Another example is blockchain, which has brought new opportunities, as has artificial intelligence.

Finally, Chen Xiaohong analyzed the training mode of innovative and entrepreneurship talents at SUSTech. She pointed out that higher education institutions should consult their faculty members and students in order to cultivate innovative, entrepreneurial and applied talents with broad cultural backgrounds.

2019, 01-03
By Chris Edwards

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