Residential College Deans announced
Mandi Zhu | 05/08/2019

Yesterday saw Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, vice chairperson Li Fengliang, Vice President and Provost Tang Tao and Director of the Human Resources Office Chen Zhifeng attend the Dean’s Appointment Announcement. Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang presided over this important ceremony.

Vice President and Provost Tang Tao announced the newly appointed Deans. Department of Biology Professor Xiao Guozhi will be the Dean of Zhicheng College. Department of Mathematics Professor Yang Lili will be the Dean of Shude College. School of Environmental Science and Engineering Professor Shi Jianhong will be Dean of Zhixin College, and Humanities Center Professor Li Lan will be the Dean of Shuli College.

University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong said that the residential college system is a unique educational aspect of SUSTech. As an essential part of SUSTech’s educational system, the Residential Colleges have become an important part in the development of SUSTech’s talent pipeline. Residential Colleges are the homes and communities for students while they study. She hoped that the new Deans would do an excellent job in organizing, planning and leading the work of their respective Colleges, and work with the college educators in striving to achieve breakthroughs.

The four new deans all spoke after Chairperson Guo Yurong. Professor Xiao Guozhi, Dean of Zhicheng College, said that Zhicheng College had now established an excellent team of teachers and he was looking forward to his future work as its Dean. Professor Yang Lili, Dean of Shude College, said that residential colleges help develop students’ abilities in many aspects. She will have a great responsibility in contributing to SUSTech.

Professor Shi Jianhong, Dean of Zhixin College, said that he would be adhering to the motto “Careful thinking and innovation.” He expected that his college teachers would make efforts to develop a talent pipeline with global vision, comprehensive literacy, and innovative ability. Professor Li Lan, Dean of Shuli College, said that the college system was the embodiment of a traditional Chinese education. It occupied an important position in SUSTech’s training system, and he hoped to provide a better development system for the residential colleges.

Dean Chen Yuehong of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences congratulated the four new college deans.

At present, SUSTech has a total of six residential colleges. In order to promote the implementation of the new student work system, SUSTech decided that Professor should be promoted to residential college Deans.

2019, 05-08
By Mandi Zhu

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