Table tennis team trounce opponents to triumph
Chris Edwards | 05/17/2019

Throughout May, Guangzhou will host the 10th Universiade of Guangdong Province. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was proud to see junior student Zhang Wei and sophomore student Han Jianzheng win the men’s doubles championship in the table tennis competition, representing the first gold medal won by SUSTech at this Universiade.

In addition, freshman student Han Xudong came seventh in the men’s singles. Zhang Wei, Han Jianzheng, Han Xudong, Yang Zeyi, Ge Chengjie finished second in the table tennis men’s team competition. SUSTech finished third as a university team in the group. Zhang Wei and Han Jianzheng also won the Excellent Athlete Award. Coach He Zilin won the Excellent Coach.

The SUSTech table tennis team was led by Sports Center Director Dong Lunhong, with He Zilin and Li Yanlong serving as coaches.

The 10th Universiade of Guangdong Province was jointly sponsored by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province and the Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province. This is the first time that SUSTech has finished in the top three in Guangdong Province in table tennis. The hard work of the players reflects the spirit of SUSTech.


2019, 05-17
By Chris Edwards

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