SUSTech students explore rural activities for charity
Chris Edwards | 05/20/2019

On Sunday, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted a charity event featuring rural activities at Green Pine Capital Stadium. The opening ceremony was attended by SUSTech Secretary-General Chen Siqi, Heyuan County Secretary Chen Jisong and Heyuan County Chief Huang Haisheng.

Chaotian villagers traveled to SUSTech and were joined by staff from Taoyuan Street (Changyuan and Tanglang Community), as well as faculty members of several departments at SUSTech. 80 students also attended, with the faculty members and students forming 16 teams.

Secretary-General Chen Siqi said that SUSTech has given great support to Chaotian Village, Daba Town, Heping County, Heyuan City to help it in its poverty alleviation projects. He expected SUSTech staff and students to enjoy the activities while keeping an eye on the charitable element. Secretary-General Chen Siqi trusted that the day would see an improved relationship between SUSTech and Heping County.

Secretary Chen Jinsong thanked SUSTech for their support for the economic and social development of Heping County. He looked forward to SUSTech students traveling to wherever they can maximize their benefits for the motherland.

After many rounds of competition, Zhicheng College, Shuren College and Shuli College held the top three places on the podium for the student team competition. In the faculty and staff competition, the College of Engineering, Taoyuan Street Office and Office of General Services were on the podium.

The activities are sponsored by the SUSTech Sports Committee, the SUSTech Sports Center, the Poverty Alleviation Office and the SUSTech Trade Union.

2019, 05-20
By Chris Edwards

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