Campus chefs challenged in culinary cook-off
Chris Edwards | 05/20/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) requires its chefs to cook a wide range of dishes to tantalize the taste buds of the thousands of people on campus every day. With this in mind, Saturday afternoon saw SUSTech host its first Culinary Skills Competition, in conjunction with the American Food Association and the Office of Campus Services. 30 chefs from different outlets around campus presented a fabulous feast

Director Zhang Ling of the Office of Communications and Public Relations, Vice Dean of College Science and the Department of Physics He Jiaqing, Head Wang Xiaoming of the Department of Mathematics, SUSTech Trade Union vice chairman Zhang Yang and representatives of the faculty and students attended to judge the competition. Culinary masters Zhang Guo and Chen Ze, both May 1st Medal winners from Shenzhen, were invited to be expert judges.

Office of Campus Services director Li Xinghua presided over the contest. He briefly spoke about SUSTech’s catering work and hoped that all the catering staff would always adhere to the concept of “service first, teacher-student-oriented.” This standard ensures that food safety and service quality are kept at the forefront of their minds, improving the level of catering services.

In the culinary skills competition, each campus restaurant was invited to display their unique carvings and dishes. The judges examined the ingredients that were available for selection in the restaurant. The cooking competition encouraged each chef to show their exceptional skills in preparing delicious and tasty dishes. The judges scored each dish on taste, texture and perception, and other criteria.

After an hour of competition, the results were in. Chef Su Sheng won the Desserts Group for his Papaya Crisp. Chef Huang Yongyuan won the Stir-Frying Group and the Special Flavor Award for his Pine-Nut Fish. Chef Wang Yongxiong won the Most Popular Dish Award for his Typhoon Shelter, and Chef Yang Yalin won the Most Creative Award for his Flying Dragon and Phoenix Dance.

Since the establishment of the Office of Campus Services more than a year ago, it has worked hard to improve the level of catering services and the quality of dishes across campus. Given the success of Saturday’s competition, they plan to hold regular cooking skills competitions, while inviting representatives of the SUSTech community to join professional judges to provide their feedback. Promoting SUSTech’s unique food culture will ensure that SUSTech’s development will continue at a rapid pace.

2019, 05-20
By Chris Edwards

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