Outdoor sports festival focuses on orienteering
Chris Edwards | 05/24/2019

On the weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) organized an outdoor sports festival jointly organized by the SUSTech Youth League Committee and the SUSTech Sports Center. More than 50 teachers and students participated in the outdoor sports festival.

There were three games and more than ten punch points around campus for the orienteering course. Players had to answer questions when finding the different locations on the map. The team that completed the course in the shortest period of time would win.

The competition was the climax of the Youth League Committee’s month of activities. Other activities have included their public welfare month, the Regional Culture Festival, a classic poetry competition and the club carnival. It shows the positive and uplifting spirit of the youth at SUSTech, while enriching their extra-curricular lives.

2019, 05-24
By Chris Edwards

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