SUSTech’s Artinx robot team qualifies for National Finals of Robomaster2019
Chris Edwards | 05/29/2019

Earlier this month, the Robomaster Mech Masters (Southern Division) of the 18th National College Robot Competition took place in Foshan, China. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was represented by Artinx Society. They finished third, and have qualified for the National Finals.

The competition was hosted by DJ-Innovations (DJI). SUSTech’s Artinx Society was required to produce five different robotic fighters, each with a different role. This year’s competition followed the incredibly popular video game, League of Legends, with teams having to create robots that could fly, collect ammunition, act as defensive guards, and even act autonomously. Despite the challenges placed in front of them, the Artinx Society finished third while competing against teams from Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Yunnan University-Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Minjiang University.

Artinx Society, headquartered at the SUSTech Student Maker Workshop, has participated in the competition since 2016. Artinx Society has earned a 2nd prize and three 3rd prizes in the Southern Division in its competitive history.

The RoboMasters National Undergraduate Robot Competition is the first domestic battle robot competition. By subverting traditional competitions and offering an amazing audio-visual experience, Robomasters has attracted hundreds of teams from universities and colleges, along with nearly a thousand high-tech enterprises and tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts to cheer it on every year. Teams must design and develop multiple robots that conform to the rules and requirements set out by the competition committee, with the firing of pellets to destroy their opponent’s robots and base the key concern.

2019, 05-29
By Chris Edwards

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