College of Engineering hosts Comprehensive Design Project Exhibition
Chris Edwards | 06/06/2019

Last week, the College of Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted the inaugural Comprehensive Design Project Exhibition. SUSTech Vice President and Provost Tang Tao attended the exhibition, along with SUSTech faculty members and representatives from more than 30 companies.

Vice President Tang Tao said that SUSTech, as a young university in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), has developed its spiritual pillars of “Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.” SUSTech focuses on cultivating engineering and technological leaders with the ability to solve practical problems in enterprises.

Dean Xu Zhenghe of the College of Engineering said that College of Engineering has launched “Comprehensive Design” project in 2018 to respond the Ministry of Education’s call, taking advantage of the development of “Emerging Engineering”, making full use of the geographical and resource advantages of Shenzhen and the GBA. Comprehensive Design project is devoted to explore innovation-and-entrepreneurship-oriented personnel training mechanism, improve the collaborative personnel training mode which meets the industrial. Academic, research and practical requirements.

Nine projects were exhibited, with each project presenting their results to participants with posters and demonstrations. The panel of judges was made up of three enterprise representatives and two SUSTech faculty members. They listened to the innovation, research idea and commercial application of each project. Ultimately, the project team “Design and Development of Antifouling Coatings for Display” won the first prize.

The Comprehensive Design project seeks to have students work on enterprise practical problems through industry-university collaboration. This should be the beginning of the development of “Emerging Engineering Education” at the College of Engineering. 27 students across 5 disciplines worked with 6 companies to form teams to solve specific practical problems, under the guidance of corporate and academic mentors. The Comprehensive Design Project aims to cultivate leading talents with cutting–edge technology, international vision and outstanding ability for the industry and future.

2019, 06-06
By Chris Edwards

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