Heritage book series launched at SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 06/12/2019

Over the weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched a series of books on cultural heritage research under the serialized title of “Heritage”. More than 40 experts and scholars from well-known universities at home and abroad attended the launch. SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang was among the guests who were in attendance.

The “Heritage” series has been edited by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences at SUSTech. It is based on the UNESCO-defined concept of heritage. The series covers the study of natural heritage, cultural heritage, agricultural, industrial and technological heritage, intangible cultural heritage, memory heritage, cultural landscape, traditional crafts and traditions. There is also a focus on heritage criticism and theory, interdisciplinary studies on daily life, modernization, the blending of heritage with Eastern and Western cultures, technology, material culture, and traditional culture.

The first edition of Heritage contains nearly 20 articles on three topics:

  • Theory and Practice of Heritage Research;
  • East Asian Cultural Heritage Policy; and
  • Heritage & History and Culture.

The publication of the series marks the basis of cultural heritage research of the Center for Social Sciences at SUSTech.

Honorary Faculty member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Liu Kuili was joined by Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College Vice-President Chen Zhi, UNESCO chair for critical heritage studies and the safeguarding of intangible heritage Marc Jacobs, Nanjing University Press President Jin Xinrong, and Cultural Heritage Deputy Editor Liu Xiaochun. All spoke at the launch, expressing their high expectations for the series and anticipating that it would become an internationally renowned series.

Li Fengliang said that cultural heritage research follows the new liberal arts development strategy of SUSTech, while also echoing the campus cultural heritage landscape. The “Heritage” series aims to lay the foundation for an international high-level cultural heritage research platform. This successful initiative of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences will surely become a scientifically rigorous and cutting-edge international academic journal. The efforts of the Institute, in conjunction with top scientists and researchers, will ultimately contribute to cultural heritage research and the development of SUSTech.

Zhou Yongming, Dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and Director of the editorial board of “Heritage” said that “Heritage” will adhere to the concept of “big heritage.” It will seek to develop future publications based on critical heritage research, with further goals of digitization and internationalization. Efforts will be made to push cultural heritage study further and to make SUSTech an internationally renowned center for cultural heritage research. The editorial board plans to launch the second series of “Heritage” at the end of the year.

2019, 06-12
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