Thousands take part in SUSTech’s independent recruitment examinations
Chris Edwards | 06/16/2019

Following the completion of the National College Entrance Examinations (Gaokao) last week, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) saw thousands of students descend onto campus today and to testing centers in 20 cities around mainland China. They were taking part in SUSTech’s annual comprehensive evaluation system of admissions.

Students were spread across 27 testing centers around mainland China, with over thirteen thousand students taking part in today’s test. Over 1100 students from Shanghai and Zhejiang Province had already completed an intensive interview.

Over forty-two thousand students from 22 provinces and cities applied for a place in the comprehensive evaluation system, a 30% increase on last year. SUSTech will admit 1065 students into the class of 2023, including 196 from Guangdong Province, continuing its history of excellence.

SUSTech welcomed over 2600 thousand students to campus, who took over several laboratories and lecture theatres throughout campus. Shuttle buses were used to move students and parents efficiently through campus, while examination personnel ensured that everything ran smoothly.

The examinations sought to ascertain students’ creativity and innovative capability, logical and critical thinking, English proficiency and STEM knowledge.

While students were taking the tests, parents of potential future students were given the opportunity to partake in recruitment talks with SUSTech professors at testing centers around the country. At SUSTech, Runyang Stadium hosted many parents, who were addressed by Vice President/Provost Tang Tao, Deputy Provost Huang Kefu, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Chen Yuehong, and Office of Admissions Director Zhao Hongjun. They spoke about SUSTech’s unique features, from its comprehensive evaluation system of admissions to its residential colleges. Class of 2022 freshmen representative Alexander Aizezi spoke about his experience at SUSTech.

SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang, Vice President/Provost Tang Tao and Deputy Provost Huang Kefu inspected examination rooms around campus and testing centers across the country via CCTV.

For the first time, SUSTech is incorporating a physical education test into its 6+3+1 comprehensive evaluation system of admissions. This follows a request from the Ministry of Education. These tests will commence on June 17th, along with the interview component of the evaluation system.

2019, 06-16
By Chris Edwards

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