Liu Junguo wins Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth
Chris Edwards | 07/01/2019

Late last month, Chair Professor Liu Junguo from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was selected as one of the recipients of the 15th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth.

He received the award as part of the 21st Annual Meeting of the China Association of Science and Technology, jointly hosted with the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government. Professor Liu Junguo received nominations and recommendations from many governments, universities and research bodies around mainland China for this award.

The Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth is sponsored by several ministries and aim to train strategic scientific and technological talents of international standard. The award recipients are selected every two years. A shortlist of 100 nominees was selected from the initial recommendations that were whittled down through several stages of evaluation.

Chair Professor Liu Junguo is the first recipient of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholar trained by SUSTech. Professor Liu Junguo has been engaged in scientific research and teaching for water resources and ecological restoration for a long time. He has made many systematic innovations in water resources assessment in time and space, water quality & water scarcity assessment and river ecological restoration. More recently, he received the 2017 Communication Award of the International Society for Ecological Restoration, the Special Allowance of State Council (2018), the Young Scientists Award by Ministry of Education of China (2018), and won the Second Prize of the Beijing Science and Technology Award (2018).

2019, 07-01
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