Shenzhen Industrial Technology Research Institute co-established by SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 07/02/2019

Over the weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) signed an agreement with the Bao’an District People’s Government of Shenzhen for the construction of the Shenzhen Industrial Technology Research Institute (SZITRI). Bao’an District Secretary Yao Ren, Bao’an District Mayor Guo Ziping and other senior officials were joined by SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, President Chen Shiyi, University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang and other key leaders from both SUSTech and the Bao’an District Government.

Chairperson Guo Yurong said that jointly establishing SZITRI is an important exploration by both SUSTech and Bao’an District government and it is a typical example of both parties taking active responsibility for the local society.. She hoped that SZITRI would well utilize Bao’an District’s industrial strengths and SUSTech’s innovative resources, in complementing each other’s strengths. Guo Yurong anticipated that SZITRI would become an important training base for innovative talents in the Greater Bay Area and would serve as a core engine for leading the development of the city.

Secretary Yao Ren added that the development of SZITRI is a landmark moment in industrial upgrading in Shenzhen. It is also an action of strategic plan in key common technologies research and transformation of research outcomes into industrial application. It is the purpose of jointly establishing SZITRI to further increase quality of industry development in Bao’an.

He pointed out that the government would make every effort to turn this project into a benchmark for industry-university research, to improve Bao’an District’s research and innovation abilities.

President Chen Shiyi pointed out that running a modern university requires innovation and entrepreneurship, so there needs to be more integration between university research and social & economic development. SZITRI is an excellent way for SUSTech to serve the local community, and he looked forward to working with the Bao’an District People’s Government in running SZITRI.

SZITRI will focus on key common industrial technologies in Bao’an District and Shenzhen City. It will be supported by innovation resources from SUSTech and its global partners, as well as industrial resources from Bao’an District enterprises. SZITRI aims to promote and upgrade the industrial structure of Bao’an District to becoming a major area of innovation, serving both upstream and downstream enterprises as its core objective.

2019, 07-02
By Chris Edwards

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