Top Ten Graduate Guo Xinge: Life is a marathon
Chris Edwards | 07/18/2019

With the highest GPA in the Microelectronics and Engineering program at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), the Best Student Paper Award, Ph. D. offers from the National University of Singapore and University of Tokyo – while he represents the academic peak, Guo Xinge is not a grim person. As someone that was always willing to help out those around him, he will be remembered by his classmates, roommates and faculty members as a kind and easy-going person.

Guo Xinge agrees with the phrase, “Life is like a marathon.” This mantra came from his running habit, and is the driving force behind his determination and endurance. Combining that with his optimistic outlook to life, it is clear to understand how his unremitting efforts have left a positive point of view on people.

His development into an accomplished marathon runner is a significant change from his entrance into university. He could barely run at the time, so decided to practice running and formed the SUSTech Running Club in his first year. The only rule is that “everyone is a teacher,” and this simple rule is maintained today.

Some might say that Guo Xinge was overconfident in preparing for his first half marathon, running more than 100 kilometres in a week. This proved to be correct as he badly hurt himself, requiring him to use a walking stick for four months. This did not stop him from approaching the marathon in the future. One year later, he completed the marathon. He has now participated in many marathons. 

His “never give up” attitude has moved through to his academic pursuits. However, Guo Xinge admits that he would regularly feel anxious. SUSTech’s research atmosphere meant that many students would be up earlier and work later, showing their experiments on social media. “I felt that ‘other people have done so many experiments, and I have done none’.”

This anxiety was also a source of motivation. At the end of his junior year, Guo Xinge entered a laboratory, but struggled to find a smooth research path. He originally found himself concerned that he had not achieved anything, in terms of experience or experimentation, so he had problems with many of his initial experiments. His stubbornness and perseverance saw him enter the lab every morning and work until the wee hours of the morning, forcing himself to learn as much as possible.

Guo Xinge gradually learned more about collaboration and communication. He admitted that at first he didn’t want to trouble others with his problems, as once he asked his tutor for help and was criticized after a week of failing to solve an experimental challenge. Guo Xinge decided that he had to adapt, so first started to try and solve problems himself, before requesting other’s opinions. He also started to develop his own experiments with a view to get positive feedback from his classmates, which resulted in enthusiastic support from his teachers and guided him through a period of uncertainty.

Once he adapted to life in the laboratory, Guo Xinge submitted his first article to IEEE News at the end of his junior year. He stood out among 509 contributions and won the Best Student Paper Nomination Award with five Ph.D. students from other universities. 

Guo Xinge maintained the top GPA in the Microelectronics and Engineering program throughout the second half of his degree at SUSTech. He maintains that not all knowledge can be garnered from textbooks and exams, but from elsewhere. Extracurricular materials, volunteering and travelling can help you find inspiration for your next project.

As a young man who would often bring happiness and enthusiasm, he would regularly update people through his social media channels in a humorous way, while also using his experience to help others. He provided a specific TOEFL test strategy that was praised and forwarded throughout campus. Guo Xinge believes that if school mates can learn from others, that is a good thing, so students should share this with others.

His warm-hearted personality was reflected in his work in supporting students from Anhui Province. He also supported the SUSTech Student Union for the College Cup and the Regional Culture Festival. He became known for his logistical help, knowing many people around campus that could support specific clubs.

Guo Xinge said that he was greatly influenced by his grandfather’s optimism and enthusiasm. Grandpa once said that it is his life’s ethics to be grateful and sincere. These made Guo Xinge realize that when he encounters things, he is deeply immersed in his own emotions, so it is more practical to influence and help others.

Guo Xinge applied to SUSTech because of its infinite possibilities, and his vision has been inseparable from his development over the last four years. SUSTech’s open and free environment, with a strong research culture, helped him build a different life for himself. He received offers to complete Ph.D’s at the National University of Singapore and the University of Tokyo, deciding to study in Singapore. He will return to China in the future and contribute to higher education.

2019, 07-18
By Chris Edwards

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