Affiliated Hospitals committed to industry-university research cooperation
Chris Edwards | 07/10/2019

Late last month, the Preparatory Office of the University Affiliated Hospital at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted a seminar to encourage the integration of the scientific research resources of SUSTech with the clinical medical resources of medical institutions.

Senior leaders from SUSTech departments and the Second Affiliated Hospital attended the seminar, along with faculty members from College of Science and College of Engineering. The seminar was hosted by Director Wang Pengfei of the Preparatory Office of the University Affiliated Hospital.

The seminar sought to focus on the work of the liver diseases clinical research. Director Zhang Zheng of the Institute of Liver Diseases at the Second Affiliated Hospital highlighted the work that his team was doing in a wide range of areas, including immunity of major organs, biological big data analysis and application, bioimaging techniques and the analysis of important organ microenvironments.

The seminar also saw professors discuss the possibility and feasibility of industry-university research cooperation. Since then, many brilliant and innovative idea have been generated. To date, Professor Xu Jing of the Department of Chemistry has been working with the Institute of Liver Diseases, while Professors Jin Wenfei and Chen Xi of the Department of Biology have been able to combine their research and technology in single cell sequencing with clinical research at the Second Affiliated Hospital. A number of industry-university-research cooperation projects are being negotiated.

Industry-university research cooperation is important for promoting integration between universities and their affiliated hospitals, while providing more opportunities for Shenzhen’s future industrial development. There will be more seminars and activities in the future to promote industry-university research development for SUSTech and its affiliated hospitals.

2019, 07-10
By Chris Edwards

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