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Chris Edwards | 07/29/2019

Taking courses over the summer is one of the best ways to get involved in the rigorous and innovative undergraduate programs and courses to SUSTech.

These courses filled up as soon as they are offered to students, with top scholars from home and around the world sharing new knowledge.

These intensive courses cover topics such as the assembly of iPhones, food pollution, and global environmental issues; all matters that reflect current issues influencing society today. They also stimulate the student’s innovative and creative abilities.

“CAD and Engineering Drawing” has been one of the most popular courses, and held a project exhibition. The exhibition integrated computer-aided design and manufacturing practice to cultivate students’ engineering expression ability while improving their innovative thinking.

Many scholars have traveled to SUSTech to give inspiring and insightful classes in the liberal arts. These courses cover topics such as archaeological discoveries, cooperative behavior through history, Chinese classics, and Hebrew literature. These unique classes have allowed students to develop a deeper appreciation for cultures both at home and abroad.

Artistic classes were also the popular choice. Students can take courses like music appreciation and sketching. This combined well with the photographic exhibition, Being, which saw photographers of luscious landscapes discuss their pictorial techniques with interested students.

The Center for Language Education also offered many classes through the summer semester to help students improve their language skills.

Yuan Xinyi (Class of 2022) chose the art appreciation course and felt very rewarding. She knew little about art history before the course, but gradually understood the basic framework and has now learned many abstract terms in art history. “I hope that I can bring the beauty that I learned in class to life.”

2019, 07-29
By Chris Edwards

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