National Neurosurgery Specialist visits SUSTech Hospital
Chris Edwards | 08/01/2019

Earlier this month, Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital (SUSTech Hospital) invited national neurosurgery specialist and Xijing Hospital Professor He Xiaosheng to provide guidance to the neurosurgery department.

Professor He also successfully performed a micovascular decompression operation for hemifacial spasms at SUSTech Hospital in Shenzhen. His visit and successful operation marks a new chapter in functional neurosurgery at the Hospital.

Hemifacial spasms are common, difficult to operate on and can affect the patient’s quality of life. While they are not life-threatening, they have been known to severely impact their psychological well-being. Hemifacial spasms are also known as facial tics, where the muscles twitch involuntarily, and due most commonly to a facial nerve touching a blood vessel or muscle.

SUSTech Hospital Director of Neurosurgery Chen Hongquan diagnosed the hemifacial spasm after completing cranial magnetic resonance examination, following a detailed physical examination and inquiries. After several rounds of long-distance consultations and discussions with He Xiaosheng’s team, the team at SUSTech Hospital formulated a thorough treatment plan. Under the guidance of He Xiaosheng, the microvascular decompression operation was completed successfully, and the patient has been recovering well since then.

The SUSTech Hospital will continue to work with national experts in a wide range of fields, in order to improve its knowledge base and talent pipeline.

In the future, the SUSTech Hospital will focus on training its clinical staff as a core focus, while maximizing communications between hospitals at home and abroad.

2019, 08-01
By Chris Edwards

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