Modern Art Festival closes successfully
Chris Edwards | 08/05/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) brought its first Modern Art Festival to a successful close, with a series of artistic cultural activities across campus.

The Summer SUSTech Modern Art Festival explored the cutting-edge integration of science, technology and art. It combined a photography exhibition, lectures, live performances and other modern art forms to bring a rich and colorful feast of modern art to the SUSTech community.

There were several lectures on art theory, providing a channel to interpret art at a theoretical level. There was also a lecture about the relationship between art and science by popular science writer Yan Bojun, and a lecture on modern folk songs by Professor Qiu Zhichun of the School of Government Management at Shih Hsin University, Taiwan Province, will give a lecture about Modern Folk Songs and Youth Literacy.

The Modern Art Festival also featured several live performances. The lead singer of Heart-burning Band and the founder of the Wuhan University Music Union, Qiu Zhaoyuan, led an electronic music workshop, before providing constructive feedback to participants who sung their favorite songs in front of him. Heart-burning band also had an electrifying concert, featuring the SUSTech Electro-Acoustic Band.

Yan Bojun also performed with two teachers from the SUSTech Arts Center, Zhang Yuying and Zhang Yiyin, in playing Shostakovich’s trio of violin and piano.

The diversity of the Summer SUSTech Modern Art Festival has provided innumerable benefits to the SUSTech community. The Summer SUSTech Modern Art Festival was jointly organized by the SUSTech Art Center, the Office of Communications & Public Relations and the Office of Student Affairs.

2019, 08-05
By Chris Edwards

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