Masters freshman: SUSTech is my second home
Chris Edwards | 08/30/2019

Starting this year, Southern University of Science and Technology welcomed not only its newest group of undergraduate students, but its first group of independently recruited postgraduate students from across China and around the world. The SUSTech campus has seen a jump in vitality since their arrival, so we spoke to some of the fresh faces on campus to get their initial thoughts on SUSTech.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has welcomed Peng Fu as one of its first independent graduate recruits. Peng said, “I think SUSTech is like my second home.”

Prior to taking the national college entrance examination, Peng Fu saw SUSTech on television, and was deeply impressed by its development model. “It’s a young and energetic university that can provide me with so many possibilities. I was looking for a free atmosphere in which to explore my future.”

He wanted to be accepted into SUSTech after graduating high school and was ultimately successful. Peng Fu has worked hard for the last four years, and has dreamed of continuing his research work at SUSTech.

“I feel that staying at SUSTech is the best choice. After four years of undergraduate study, I have witnessed the rapid development of SUSTech, and the emphasis on education at SUSTech means that this is the best developmental environment for me to improve and mature.”

Peng Fu said that he is ready to face his future challenges. “I will do a good job in my scientific research, live a good life, grow up as soon as possible, and repay society. I hope I can perform better than my undergraduate course!”

2019, 08-30
By Chris Edwards

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