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Chris Edwards | 09/01/2019

Throughout the summer semester, hundreds of students from Southern University of Science of Technology (SUSTech) have flown around the world to partake in research and academic exchanges at 65 top universities in 15 different countries. SUSTech has worked hard to create opportunities for its students for students to study and learn overseas, while absorbing different cultures and broadening their international horizons.

SUSTech students traveled to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Israel and Hong Kong, among other countries and regions. For example, 26 students are currently on their way back from the University of Oxford, having completed an exchange program in Hertfordshire.

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Program

Due to the hard work and efforts of the Global Engagement Office and the various departments across SUSTech, there are many cooperative projects between SUSTech and North American universities that students can apply for. Nearly 200 students travelled to excellent universities in the United States and Canada, including the University of California Irvine, the University of California Los Angeles, University of Wisconsin, University of British Columbia and McMaster University.

University of Birmingham

Europe’s traditions and cultures have regularly attracted students, so over 120 SUSTech students traveled to top universities like King’s College London, University of Birmingham and the University of Oxford, as well as universities in Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. Students also opted to spend time at partner universities in Asia, such as the National University of Singapore, Seoul National University and the Indian Institute of Technology.

Student learn in different ways from the distinctive pedagogic cultures, whether it is the enriched curriculum, the rich cultural experience or the diverse social culture. All of these aspects, and more, can and do broaden the international perspective of SUSTech students and enhance their cross-cultural communication skills.

The computer science courses at the National University of Singapore (NUS) ranks among the top ten in the world. Nearly 60 SUSTech students traveled to Singapore to collaborate closely with professors and teaching assistants at NUS on specific projects within sub-groups. Each group completed independent projects, reflecting the application of their theoretical knowledge into a practical setting.

SUSTech student Ruan Penghui said: “I accepted a lot of different ideas, in just over 20 days of classes. I had to learn how to organize teamwork, how to improve feedback from design ideas to task discussion and feedback to final presentation. This is an unforgettable experience.”

Fellow SUSTecher Zhang Wenzhao, said: “In the bilingual teaching and internationalization environment of SUSTech, I adapted easily to the NUS learning environment and can communicate with professors in English without obstacles. I was able to take the role of leader well in group work.”

Oxford University is the oldest university and one of the oldest college-based universities in the world. This year, more than 50 SUSTech students participated in the summer exchange programs held at three different colleges of Oxford University: Madame Margaret College, Hertford College and San Antonio College.

During his visit to the UK, President Chen Shiyi went to Oxford to visit the students who participated in the summer program to learn about the exchanges of the students.

Chen Junyan, who participated in an exchange at Oxford’s Hertford College said: “I was sitting in the old teaching building of Hertford College, studying, talking with Vicky about British movies, music, history and culture, and holding a debate contest under Vicky’s organization. In this process, I have a deeper understanding of British culture, and I have greatly improved my oral English ability. Reading in the library of Oxford University is an unforgettable academic atmosphere.”

King’s College London (KCL) is a world-renowned research institute and the fourth oldest institution of higher education in England. It has established a good foundation for cooperation in the fields of life health and medicine. This year, KCL has created a 6-week long biomedical science summer exchange program for the biomedical science major of the South University of Science and Technology. The first 3 weeks are classroom learning, and the next 3 weeks are laboratory research internships. At the same time, it runs topical lectures to help students improve their international vision and comprehensive scientific research ability. The School of Medicine has selected 15 outstanding students of biomedical sciences as well as professors and young teachers to communicate with their colleagues in the UK.

This is the first undergraduate overseas exchange program since the establishment of the School of Medicine of SUSTech. It aims to let students experience the training mode of world famous universities and further enhance their learning & academic research abilities in an international environment.

SUSTech’s Shude College worked with the Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) to create the International Maker Exchange Program in April this year. The program seeks to cultivate a comprehensive application model with strong innovative entrepreneurial thinking integrated with a solid foundation of practical science and engineering knowledge. The WIT International Maker Exchange Program sought to pay great attention to students’ interdisciplinary thinking along with their basic knowledge in computer science and engineering.

This year, 6 students were selected to take part in the program. Wu Runze said, “The courses here are not heavy, but I learned an enormous amount. Not only did I develop a better understanding of the Arduino process, but I expanded my appreciation of Android development. I can now develop some simple Android apps, so I’m able to combine theory and practice through this program.”

SUSTech’s plentiful summer exchange programs allow our students to experience a wide variety of overseas universities, broaden their horizons, enhance their cross-cultural communications skills, and cultivate their skills and top innovative talents. Going forward, the Global Engagement Office will hold several overseas exchange presentations, in which students that have travelled overseas will share their experiences.

More international exchange projects can be found on the website of the Global Exchange Office. The website link is as follows:

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