Yantian District Government and SUSTech cooperate to build SUSTech-Yantian District Hospital
Xia Yingying | 09/08/2019

Last week, the Yantian District People’s Government and Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) signed an agreement to jointly build Yantian Hospital (also known as Yantian District People Hospital) and cooperate on the establishment of a university-affiliated hospital.

Yantian District Mayor Yang Jun and SUSTech President Chen Shiyi represented both sides in signing the agreement, and inaugurating the fourth hospital in the history of SUSTech.

Currently, SUSTech has two affiliated hospitals – First Affiliated Hospital to SUSTech (Shenzhen People’s Hospital), Second Affiliated Hospital to SUSTech (Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital), and two jointly-built hospitals including SUSTech Hospital, and now SUSTech-Yantian District Hospital.

After the agreement is signed, Yantian District and SUSTech will establish a long-term, stable and close strategic partnership, seeking to improve the hospital’s medical service standard and clinical teaching quality through cooperation, and actively expanding the deep industry-university cooperation.

Yantian District Mayor Yang Jun believes that this cooperation will support the Yantian district government in providing an improved quality of life with high standard of health care service in the Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, the knowledge and resource sharing between both sides will speed up the construction of Yantian District into a modern coastal city that is suitable for people from all over the world.

President Chen Shiyi thanked the District government’s support of SUSTech. He said that the cooperation between the district and the university in building a joint university hospital opens a new historical chapter of medical education at SUSTech. SUSTech will push broader and deeper cooperation among its medical school and the hospitals.

The State Council recently released a statement to support Shenzhen to build a “global model city with distinguished competitiveness, innovation capability and influence.”

“SUSTech will seize this great opportunity to deepen cooperation with the Yantian District government. The bilateral cooperation will support the innovative development of the Greater Bay Area and further improve the medical and healthcare conditions in the area,” said President Chen.

Senior officials from the Yantian District People’s government offices attended the ceremony.

Background information:

According to SUSTech-Yantian District Hospital’s development plan, the cooperating system between SUSTech and its hospital will be implemented at different levels, by sharing the facilities and academic resources. The short term target is to establish an endocrine clinic. The long term goal is to become a first-class tertiary hospital with specialist metabolic disease clinics.

The mission of SUSTech-Yantian District Hospital is to provide better medical services for the people in the area, promote medical education and enhance the clinical research in Yantian District and within the Greater Bay Area.

2019, 09-08
By Xia Yingying

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