SUSTech helps students settle in with orientation
Chris Edwards | 09/09/2019

Writing the first page of a new chapter of your life can be a challenge for anyone, and for the Class of 2023, it is no different. Southern University of Science and Technology has long been aware of the challenges new students face in moving to a new city, a new province or potentially a new country. As a result, it offers a wide range of classes to help students adapt to their new lives at SUSTech as soon as possible.

One of the most popular courses is offered by the Lynn Library, which teaches students how to use the library website, borrow and return books, reserve discussion rooms and find books throughout our luscious lending space. Students praised the staff of the Lynn Library for their support and understanding, and pledged to spend more time in the library.

Every year, SUSTech provides students with many opportunities to study abroad. The Global Engagement Office invited students to hear from those that had participated in previous overseas exchanges, so the Class of 2023 could get a better understanding of their overseas learning experiences. Students also learned about the funding procedures and rules behind the study abroad programs. The Class of 2023 heard from students who had attended programs at the University of Oxford, the National University of Singapore, the University of Queensland, MIT and the University of California Berkeley.

SUSTech has taken heed of the need to care for student’s mental health, by offering classes on “self-growth and university life.” Students are encouraged to live an active life and seek help whenever they encounter difficulties, in order to live a healthy and optimistic life. Similarly, safety and security on & around campus were covered by several departments on and off campus, ensuring that the Class of 2023 are well-prepared for anything that might happen.

Professor Han Wei from the Higher Education Research Center gave students a lesson about the history of SUSTech, in order to give them some insight into its direction, given its mission of reform and innovation. At the end of her lecture, she expressed her positive wishes for the Class of 2023.

English and computer proficiency tests, English classes and campus orientations have also been offered to the Class of 2023. More educational opportunities will be provided to the newest group of undergraduates to enhance their development into the future innovative leaders of the new era.

2019, 09-09
By Chris Edwards

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