Excellent Residential College Mentor Award winners speak out
Chris Edwards | 09/11/2019

As the celebrations from the 2019 Teachers’ Day Award Ceremony wound down for Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), it is important to get an in-depth idea into understanding why people won certain awards.

30 tutors across the six residential colleges won Excellent Residential College Mentor Awards on Monday night, based on a wide range of assessment criteria. Since the tutorial system is at the core of SUSTech’s unique education, it is important to get an understanding of how our tutors guide and assist our students develop into the future leaders of the new era.

With that in mind, several award winners were interviewed, in order to share their stories.

Assistant Professor Zhang Jing of Computer Science and Engineering believes that talking to and taking part in activities with the students is crucial to working out what makes them work. Because every student has their own challenges, he wants to spend time with them to talk through their problems and help work towards a solution that works for each individual student. It is important for the students to find their inner strength.

Vice President Lu Chun, he is also served as a tutor in the Shuren Residential College. As we discovered that he is always concerned about the habits of students, in both their academic and physical pursuits. He also believes that students need to have an active physical life if they are pursuing a career in academia and scientific research. “Tutors have a responsibility to guide our students to develop along the right track for their futures.”

Research professor Han Wei from the Higher Education Research Center believes that teaching and education has been a meaningful pursuit since she was a child. She has loved all of her students, as they are everything to SUSTech. The students are educated by and educate the scholars, so much can be learned by everyone.

Global Engagement Office Director Zheng Chunmiao spoke of the huge demand for multidisciplinary and innovative talents with international vision and practical skill sets. SUSTech’s undergraduate education is the cornerstone of the cultivation of future leaders for the new era. He hopes that all his students can lay a solid foundation of basic science and practical skills.

Assistant Professor of Ocean Science and Engineering Zhou Youmin is convinced that he needs to understand the needs of students, in order to best assist them. He entered higher education because he wanted to share knowledge with others, and pass it down to younger generations.

Provost Huang Kefu is an enormous advocate for education at SUSTech and Teachers’ Day. He wished all the scholars, researchers and administrators the best for the future at SUSTech, and encouraged them to enjoy the good times ahead.

2019, 09-11
By Chris Edwards

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