Runyang Stadium officially named
Chris Edwards | 09/14/2019

The new gymnasium at Southern University at Science and Technology (SUSTech) was given a new name as part of the 2019 SUSTech Teachers’ Day Awards Ceremony. SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Runyang Group Chairman Yang Jun and Runyang Group Chief Financial Officer Liu Feiming came to the stage to oversee the ceremony, along with other senior officials from SUSTech and Runyang Group.

SUSTech Vice President Lu Chun said that the rapid development of SUSTech cannot be separated from the strong support of outstanding enterprises like Runyang Group, who are keen to see the rapid development of higher education.

Runyang Group Chairman Yang Jun congratulated the award winning educators, researchers and administrators of SUSTech. He said that Runyang Group has been working hard to contribute to the development of social welfare programs, including education, and hopes its donation will further promote developments in this area. Yang Jun remained committed to deeper industry-university research cooperation to promote Shenzhen’s innovation and development.

Runyang Group has had a long-term cooperation with SUSTech. In May 2018, Runyang Group donated 30 million RMB to the SUSTech Education Foundation (SUSTCEF) and established a long-term strategic partnership. It jointly established the “SUSTech Runyang Industry-University-Research Base Co., Ltd.” and the project cooperation base of the Institute of Industry and Research. This strengthened the comprehensive cooperation between industry, education and research, while also supporting the development of SUSTech through the naming rights to Runyang Stadium. These sort of cooperative projects strongly support educational development at SUSTech.

Runyang Stadium was designed by renowned architect Meng Yan. Since the completion of Runyang Stadium, the school has held many important activities at school level, such as New Year’s Eve, commencement and convocation ceremonies, and the annual Teachers’ Day Awards. It is the largest large-scale sports activities and performance venue at SUSTech.

2019, 09-14
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