Shuli College helps new students meet their tutors
Chris Edwards | 09/30/2019

The residential colleges are a key part of student life at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Each college helps provide tutors for every undergraduate student as a mentor for their lives at SUSTech.

Within that framework, Shuli College organized a meeting for tutors to go over their plans for the upcoming academic year, before arranging a meeting for the newest batch of undergraduate students to meet their tutors. Shuli College Dean Li Lan was joined by academic vice dean Huang Kefu, administrative vice dean Liu Ping, along with all the tutors of Shuli College. Professor Guo Chao chaired the meeting.

Academic vice dean Huang Kefu thanked all the tutors for supporting the work of Shuli College. He pointed out that the activities run by Shuli College have promoted a positive academic atmosphere and enriched the lives of its students, so he hoped that the tutors of Shuli College would continue their hard work.

Administrative vice dean Liu Ping spoke about Shuli College and talked about the opportunities for improving everybody’s work. She thanked all the tutors for their hard work, saying, “One person can walk far, but together we will go even further.”

Materials Science and Engineering Professor Xiang Xiaodong, Shuli College tutor, spoke on behalf of the five Teachers’ Day Award winners. He talked about how he looks after his own students, helping them to boost their self-confidence and achieve their best. Xiang Xiaodong pointed out that tutors should guide the students in the same way that they would guide their own children.

Mechanics and Aerospace Professor Hong Wei handled the Q&A session, which allowed the tutors to discover new techniques for working with their students. After the mentor’s work meeting, all the freshmen of the 2019 level came to the venue to attend the new mentor meeting.

Shuli College Dean Li Lan welcomed the newest undergraduates to Shuli College and referred to Warren Buffett as an example of the importance of communication.

Biomedical Engineering Head, Professor Jiang Xingyu spoke on behalf of the eleven new tutors of Shuli College , saying that he hoped that the new students would lay a solid foundation for their future studies at SUSTech. Professor Jiang Xingyu’s speech was peppered with good humor that saw laughter throughout the venue.

Biology Professor Xiao Bo hosted the student and tutor Q&A session, encouraging them to work hard in their English studies. Ocean Science and Engineering Lecturer Zhang Chuanlun told students to spend time finding the optimal direction for their lives. Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences Chen Yuehong hoped that the new students would communicate efficiently with others.

2019, 09-30
By Chris Edwards

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