Flag-Raising Ceremony held at SUSTech to celebrate 70th National Day
Chris Edwards | 10/01/2019

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China on National Day, University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang and Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao led faculty members, students and senior leaders to the annual flag raising ceremony. Director of Student Affairs Xue Zheng presided over the flag raising ceremony.

At 8am, the teachers and students were assembled neatly below the flagpoles inside Green Pine Stadium. In everyone’s eyes, the bright red flag was escorted slowly by the student National Flag guards. To the solemn sounds of the national anthem, the flag slowly rose, and everyone in unison sung the national anthem.

Subsequently, the representatives for the residential colleges recited the patriotic poem, praising those who had worked hard before them and provided the prosperous lands on which they now study and contribute.

Following the raising of the flag, Li Fengliang spoke at the ceremony. He said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China. In that time, we have seen the rapid development of China and more recently the rise of Shenzhen. The State Council’s recent Statement on Shenzhen offers unprecedented opportunities for SUSTech, as its students are able to make significant contributions to the rejuvenation of the motherland.

Li Fengliang quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping as saying: “if the younger generation has vision, ability and responsibility, the country will have a future and the nation will have hope.” He encouraged the SUSTech students to integrate their academic and personal development with that of the nation, in order to become the future leaders of the new era that will drive the major strategic industrial needs forward.

This is just one event as part of SUSTech’s activities for the 70th anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China. Several other activities will take place as part of the National Day festivities, with the view to inspire the entire SUSTech community.

2019, 10-01
By Chris Edwards

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