SUSTech Vice Provost spoke at US-China Environment and Sustainability Forum
Chris Edwards | 10/08/2019

Over the National Day holiday, Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao was invited to attend and speak at the US-China Environment and Sustainability Forum (the Forum) at the University of Michigan.

Martin Philbert, Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Jonathan Overpeck, Dean of the School for Environment and Sustainability from the University of Michigan, delivered speeches at the Forum.

Professor Zheng Chunmiao was one of the speakers at the panel discussion on International Collaboration on Environment and Sustainability Education. That particular panel discussion was chaired by Mary Gallagher, the Amy and Alan Lowenstein Professor and Director of Lieberthal Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan. Professor Zheng Chunmiao was joined by Alec Gallimore, Dean of College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, and other scholars to share ideas.

Zheng Chunmiao talked about “SUSTech’s Global Efforts for a Sustainable World”. He briefed the audience about how SUSTech supports sustainable development across Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area and national strategic needs. Zheng Chunmiao’s presentation sparked heated discussions on topics such as the characteristics of Sino-US collaboration on joint education, cultural differences, and how to promote academic cooperation between the two nations.

The forum was jointly sponsored by the American Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and co-sponsored by several departments within the University of Michigan and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Nearly 150 scholars from Chinese and American universities and research institutions participated in the Forum, which has laid a solid foundation for further strengthening Sino-US research and education cooperation in environmental sustainability.

The University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, is a world-renowned public research university with a reputation as a “public Ivy” university. The University of Michigan is one of the 14 founding institutions of the American Association of Universities and is the oldest public university among its founding members. The University of Michigan is an important partner of SUSTech. The two universities have established the “3+2” project. The current president of the University of Michigan, Mark Schlissel, is a member of the SUSTech International Advisory Committee.

2019, 10-08
By Chris Edwards

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