Physics Nobel Laureate Donna Strickland visited SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 10/09/2019

As students flocked back to Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) after the National Day Holiday, one visitor stood out among the rest. Professor Donna Strickland of the University of Waterloo and 2018 Nobel Laureate in Physics was among the faces stepping foot on campus.

She met with SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Acting Vice President Zhao Yusheng, Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao, College of Science Dean Yang Xueming and Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science & Engineering (SIQSE) Dean Yu Dapeng. Professor Strickland was joined by officials from the University of Waterloo, while senior leaders from SUSTech were also in attendance.

Before the discussion, Strickland and her party visited the 3D campus construction planning sand table, in which they learned about SUSTech’s history and future plans. They also visited the Shenzhen Grubbs Institute to understand the development of the institute.

President Chen Shiyi welcomed Professor Strickland and her delegation to SUSTech, providing her with a briefing about SUSTech. He highlighted the international features of the University and the ongoing exchanges and cooperation with the University of Waterloo.

President Chen Shiyi pointed out that SUSTech is striving to promote high quality international cooperation in order to build a world-class research university rooted in China. SUSTech has formed a deep relationship with the University of Waterloo and President Chen Shiyi hoped that Professor Strickland would further cooperate with the Department of Physics and SIQSE.

Following the meeting, Professor Strickland and her delegation talked to representatives of SUSTech and SIQSE. Professor Strickland commented that during her visit, Shenzhen’s modern urban development combined with SUSTech’s achievements in its short history had left a deep impression on her.

She was pleased at the way the Department of Physics and SIQSE had built its disciplines in areas such as scientific research and talent pipelines, and was keen to cooperate further with SUSTech in the future.

2019, 10-09
By Chris Edwards

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