SUSTech Artist-in-Residence gives concert on campus
Chris Edwards | 10/24/2019

Over the weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) enjoyed a master class and concert by artist-in-residence Zhang Haochen. Five students have been taken under his wing, while nearly one hundred students and staff attended his master class and concert. The Arts Center worked with the Shuren Keyboard Society to organize the event.

Zhang Haochen provided careful and meticulous feedback to each of the five students that performed. They had also been warmly received by the audience. Zhang Haochen pointed out that musical communication is an abstract concept, so it is important to use music to generate scenes, thoughts and emotions.

He added that musicians need to understand the liberal arts to become a better musician and communicator. While some can only understand the technical aspects and some can understand the performance aspects, a small number can incorporate all the important characteristics of music to bring music to its peak.

Following the master class, attendees said that Zhang Haochen provided extremely passionate and practical advice about how to better understand music. They were particularly impressed about his temperament and consideration on expressing himself through the keyboard. They all looked forward to hearing more from him.

2019, 10-24
By Chris Edwards

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