President Chen Shiyi led a team to Nanjing and Shanghai
Chris Edwards | 10/31/2019

This week, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) led a delegation to Nanjing and Shanghai universities. Senior leaders such as Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao, Acting Vice President Zhao Yusheng, Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao and Preparatory Office of Affiliated Hospitals Director Wang Pengfei were members of this high-level delegation that visited Nanjing University, Southeast University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

The trip sought to develop a better understanding of “double first-class” universities, and how to take advantage of the lessons that were learned by other universities for SUSTech in order to better improve our own processes.

The first stop was Nanjing University, where the SUSTech delegation met with Nanjing University President Lv Jian and executive vice president Tan Zhemin. Tan Zhemin gave a briefing about the development of its “double first-class” status, while other departments talked about a wide range of issues affecting them. President Chen Shiyi and the SUSTech delegation were taken to the Nanjing University History Museum as part of their time at Nanjing University.

Following their time at Nanjing University, they traveled to Southeast University, where the delegation visited the Purple Mountain Network Communications and Security Laboratory and School of Civil Engineering. They later met with Southeast University vice presidents Wang Baoping and Liu Pan. There were in-depth discussions of reaching “double first-class” status and developing medical schools & the affiliated hospitals, among other issues.

The visit to Shanghai Jiaotong University was highlighted by visits to the 120th anniversary celebration exhibition hall, the National Key Laboratory on Ocean Engineering and the Student Innovation Center. President Chen Shiyi and the delegation met with Shanghai Jiaotong University executive vice president Ding Kuiling, in which “double first-class” status, the development of talent pipelines and creating a global outlook among its students were all significant topics of discussion.

2019, 10-31
By Chris Edwards

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