SUSTech wins Shenzhen “Outstanding Talent Scout Award” for 4th consecutive year
Chris Edwards | 11/01/2019

Earlier today, Southern University of Science and Technology was honored with its fourth consecutive “Outstanding Talent Scout Award” from the city of Shenzhen, at a glittering ceremony at the Wuzhou Guest House in downtown Shenzhen. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui and other city leaders joined SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering (SIQSE) Dean Yu Dapeng and Turing Award Winner Joseph Sifakis along with other senior SUSTech officials.

President Chen Shiyi received the award on behalf of SUSTech, along with a cheque for 2.8 million RMB, in recognition of its first place for talent introduction.

Academician Yu Dapeng was appointed Shenzhen Talent Ambassador, and Mayor Chen Rugui presented him with a letter of appointment.

As part of the formalities, Turing Award winner and Academician Joseph Sifakis had the Sifakis Research Institute of Trustworthy Independent Software (RITAS) approved by SUSTech and the city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong presented Distinguished Professor Joseph Sifakis with the plate.

SUSTech has always paid enormous attention to the introduction, training, and cultivation of talented individuals on its campus. Its award-winning approach is a reflection of the outstanding achievements SUSTech has made in this area, with SUSTech winning its first “Talent Bole Award” in 2016, and continuing to win every year since.

With a faculty containing numerous academicians, fellows, and recipients of talent programs at all levels, SUSTech continues to innovate in the development of its talent pipeline as it strives to become a world-class university rooted in China.

2019, 11-01
By Chris Edwards

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