SUSTech EF unveiled public art from Chinese Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia, launches Public Art Committee
Chris Edwards | 11/03/2019

Over the weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched its first piece of public art from the Chinese Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennale) called Nanting. Many artists and entrepreneurs joined faculty members and alumni to witness the unveiling of the piece, along with the launch of the Public Art Committee of the SUSTech Education Foundation. SUSTech Chief Financial Officer Ye Qin & Communications and Public Relations Director Zhang Ling both attended the ceremony that SUSTech Education Foundation Director Tu Ronghui presided over.

Other VIPs included the curator of the China Pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale, project coordinator Wu Hongliang, Nanting creator He Yanqing and Shenzhen Design Union Vice Chairman Luan Qian. Several contemporary artists, such as Xiang Jing, were also invited to join the celebration.

SUSTech Chief Financial Officer Ye Qin said that SUSTech is an active explorer of the liberal arts and is seeking to develop a top liberal arts curriculum within the framework of a world-class science and engineering university. With that in mind, he congratulated his colleagues on the formation of the Public Art Committee of the SUSTech Education Foundation and looked forward to seeing Nanting in its new home on campus. This unique piece of public art will add to the portfolio of art education that supports the broader cultivation of innovative future leaders with comprehensive qualities and global outlook.

Ye Qin added that the formation of the Public Art Committee of the SUSTech Education Foundation would improve the quality of art education throughout campus, as they would work to strengthen exchange and cooperation opportunities. The Public Art Committee is also seeking to promote the integration of art and science, within the ambit of building a world-class research university rooted in China.

Communications and Public Relations Director Zhang Ling announced the members of the Public Art Committee and worked with Ye Qin to present letters of appointment to the committee members.

Noted art critic Wu Hongliang said that this was a rare opportunity for art and higher education to work together, particularly in a science and engineering university. He expected that Nanting would play a significant role in widening student’s eyes to international art, which fits well within SUSTech’s mission of innovation and reform of higher education in China. By having the courage, capability, confidence, and determination to offer an innovative educational experience for university students in China, the development of the Public Art Committee will be able to combine art research with the continuing development of SUSTech. This mutually beneficial outcome will see a new light shone on the potential for art and science to work together for urban progress.

The Venice Biennale is one of the most important artistic events in the world. The National Pavilion is an important part of the Venice Biennale, and this year’s China Pavilion is the focus of attention. This year, the interactive art installation Nanting is an extension of the China Pavilion and will be at SUSTech for some time, allowing students and faculty members to appreciate world-class art on campus.

Nanting eludes to ancient Chinese poetry while also reflecting the Chinese name of SUSTech. It has been installed next to the Lynn Library and features tempered glass and stainless steel to look like the pages of a book. A touchscreen allows people to interact with Nanting and view the Venice Biennale from SUSTech, while a similar set-up has been built at the Venice Biennale, allowing people in Venice to observe the goings-on at SUSTech.

Following the launch ceremony, guests took turns experiencing Nanting before going on a campus tour and receiving a briefing at the 3D campus construction sand table.

2019, 11-03
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