SUSTech signed strategic agreement with Longhua District of Shenzhen
Chris Edwards | 11/15/2019

Earlier today, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) President Chen Shiyi attended the “Great Change, New Opportunities” Venture Capital Summit Forum in Shenzhen. As part of his attendance, he oversaw the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Longhua District of Shenzhen with District Committee Party Secretary Du Lin, District Government Mayor Wang Wei, Shenzhen Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Wu You, and Longhua District Deputy Party Chief Chen Jianmin.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi was joined by Chief Financial Officer Ye Qin, and Planning and Development Director Wang Susheng. Many officials from SUSTech, the Longhua District government, and Shenzhen city government also attended the ceremony.

SUSTech Planning and Development Director Wang Susheng signed the agreement with Longhua District Deputy Party Chief Chen Jianmin, witnessed by SUSTech, Longhua District and Shenzhen City officials

SUSTech and Longhua District will cooperate in scientific and technological innovation, industry-university research, education, and the development of talent pipelines.

Longhua District is a large industrial area in Shenzhen that is developing a strong science and technology base. In recent years, it has sought to optimize its investment environment by building a competitive talent system and introduced the most attractive industrial policy in Shenzhen.

2019, 11-15
By Chris Edwards

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