SUSTech receives approval for two liberal arts key research bases
Chris Edwards | 11/16/2019

Last week, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was approved for two key research bases, joining the Center for Financial Technology and Financial Innovation that was announced last year. The announcement of the Research Center for Intelligent Management & Innovation Department of SUSTech, and the Research Center for Cultural Heritage, as new Shenzhen Humanities & Social Sciences Key Research Bases came at the 11th Shenzhen Academic Annual Conference.

SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang spoke at the Conference and was appointed as an Academic Consultant to Shenzhen Social Science Magazine.

The School of Business will host the Research Center for Intelligent Management & Innovation Development of SUSTech. It will operate largely within the Department of Information Systems and Management Sciences, focusing on important theoretical and practical issues that need to be solved in the development of smart cities in Shenzhen and the development of intelligent management and social governance innovation. Its three key research directions will be intelligent management & social governance innovation and development, intelligent manufacturing & supply chain management, and big data financial intelligent management. The Research Center will seek to develop high-level in-depth industry-university research partnerships with government, enterprises and institutions that work towards developing future leaders that strive for excellence with bold creativity and practical innovation.

The SUSTech Research Center for Cultural Heritage will be based in the Center for Social Sciences and its existing Cultural Heritage Laboratory. It will continue to carry out archaeological studies in Shenzhen and across the Greater Bay Area to develop a structured database of archaeological information that will ultimately be compiled into the “Cultural Heritage (Digital) Map: Shenzhen.” The Research Center also plans to research and analyze the cultural heritage needs of modern urban populations, in order to better determine the optimal methods for its promotion in modern cities such as Shenzhen.

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